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Jacoby's Revenge Bonefish Fly

Jacoby's Revenge Bonefish Fly

Jacoby’s Revenge - Fly Recipe


Jacoby’s Revenge



Hook Size



Mustad 34007 or Equivalent


Tan Flat Waxed Nylon


Red Fox Tail


Orange Bead Covered in Epoxy (see instructions).


Grizzly Dry Fly Hackle


Tan leech yarn or similar yarn


3 Pumpkin Loco Legs (Hareline LL 297) cut in half.


Lt Brown Rabbit Fur


Medium Silver Bead Chain, XL Silver Bead Chain, or Silver Lead Dumbbell Eye


Tail is the Length of the Hook Shank.

1. Build a thread foundation down the length of the hook shank and position the eye about 3/16” from the hook eye. Securely lash the eye to the top of the hook shank using figure 8 thread wraps. Move the thread to the hook barb.

2. Tie in the tail. Snip a small bunch of red fox tail from the hide and lash it on the top of the hook shank. The tail is about one time the hook shank in length.

3. Tie in the grizzly hackle tips on each side of the hook shank. Make them about the length of the tail. The hackle tips are the claws.

4. Tie in the orange bead eyes about the same length of the tail. See eye instructions below.

5. Build the body by tying in the leech yarn and wrapping to the center of the hook. Select three legs and attach on one side of the hook shank at the mid point of the body. Tie in the second set of three legs opposite the first bunch.

6. Finish the body by wrapping the leech yarn to the front of the eye and securing.

7. Finish the head with a whip finish and a drop of head cement.


Eye Instructions


Bonefish Revenge




20# Monofilament Fishing Line


XS orange craft bead – available at hobby shops

Super Glue



UV or 3 Minute epoxy


Head Cement


NOTE: The key to this pattern is the eye. You want to make an orange eye that is translucent. It takes patience, but the results are worth it.

1. Cut the monofilament line into 3” pieces for the eye stalks.

2. Dip one end of the monofilament eye stalks into super glue and insert the glued end into a glass bead. Stick the end of the eye stalk into a piece of Styrofoam or similar to dry.

3. Cover the dry stalk with a light coat of UV epoxy, 3 minute epoxy. Turn the eye while it dries to ensure that it’s round. Set in Styrofoam to dry.

4. Finish the eye by dipping it in head cement after the epoxy is cured and setting aside to dry.

5. Once the eye is dry, you can use the eyes in step 4 of the fly tying sequence.



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