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BV Mantis Shrimp Bonefish Fly

<pBV Mantis Shrimp Fly

BV Mantis Shrimp - Fly Recipe


BV Mantis Shrimp



Hook Size



Mustad 34007 or Equivalent


Tan Flat Waxed Nylon


Light Brown Rabbit Fur


Tan EP X-Small Crab and Shrimp Eyes


Tan leech yarn or similar yarn


3 Tan Loco Legs (Hareline LL 369) cut in half


Lt Brown Rabbit Fur


Medium Silver Bead Chain, XL Silver Bead Chain, or Silver Lead Dumbbell Eye


Tail is the Length of the Hook Shank


1. Build a thread foundation down the length of the hook shank and position the eye about 3/16” from the hook eye.  Securely lash the eye to the top of the hook shank using figure 8 thread wraps.  Move the thread to above the hook barb.

2. Tie in the tail by snipping light brown rabbit fur from the hide and lashing it on the top of the hook shank.  The tail is one hook shank in length.

3.Tie in the eyes about the same length of the tail.

4. Build the body by tying in the leech yarn and making a couple of wraps near the base of the tail and tie off with two wraps of thread.  Tie in 1 of the leg pieces on each side of the hook shank – opposite each other.  Advance the leech yarn 1 or 2 turns and tie in the second set of legs, repeat the sequence for the last set of legs – finishing the body by wrapping the leech yarn to the front of the eye and securing.

5. Finish the head with a whip finish and a drop of head cement.


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