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Saltwater Fishing Flies

Merrimack River Flies brings over thirty years of saltwater fly fishing experience to the design and construction of our saltwater fishing flies. We are committed to offering correctly proportioned, durable flies at a reasonable price. From classic saltwater flies, to our own Saltwater fly patterns; we have assembled a selection of proven effective flies for a variety of saltwater fly fishing.  Stripers and False Albacore in the Northeast, Sea trout and Redfish along the Outer Banks, Tarpon and Snook along the mangroves, bonefish and permit on the flats, or big game in the blue water of the Gulf Stream; We have the Saltwater Flies to make memories.
Needle Fish Barracuda Fly
Durable and effective needle fish flies to be used for Barracuda or other offshore fishing.
Peterson's Spawning Shrimp
From the traditional to the innovative. We carry a full line of flats fishing flies for bonefish and permit.
East End Lodge Crab Fly
Browse our selection of crab flies for permit, bonefish and striped bass.
Surf Candy Fly
View our collection of innovative and classic flies for Bonito, Bonita and False Albacore.
Saltwater Popper Fly
Merrimack River Flies carries a good assortment of topwater popper flies to meet a variety of fishing needs.
Half and Half Fly
We carry a wide variety of hand tied saltwater fishing flies for Redfish, Snook and Sea Trout.
Peterson's Spawning Shrimp
View our selection of effective shrimp imitation fly patterns. Time tested classics and unique flies are listed here.
Half and Half Striper Fly
We carry a selection of both traditional and original patterns that have been developed over years of experience. The Striped Bass is king of the inshore fishery in New England and we have the flies to make you successful.
Raghead Striper Crab Fly
Flats fishing for striped bass is the hottest sport on the NorthEast. We carry a selection of flies that we have proven to be successful in this challenging fishery.
Purple Death Tarpon Fly
Old time favorites and popular new tarpon flies Tarpon Flies offered by Merrimack River Flies. All are hand-tied in our shop on quality Gamakatsu Hooks
Pink Cod Teaser Fly
A full line of effective teaser flies for surfcasting and bottom jig fishing. Synthetic wing and 3-D eyes. Hand tied in the USA.
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Fire Tiger Fly
Fire Tiger Herring Streamer
Price: $4.35
Fire Tiger Herring Streamer
Tied with synthetic hair in the popular Fire Tiger color, this fly is both effective and durable. 3-D prismatic eyes increase appeal. In sizes #2 - 4/0
Bunny Cinder Worms
Bunny Strip Cinder Worm Fly
Price: $3.63
Bunny Strip Cinder Worm Fly
Bunny strip Cinder worm fly with Rabbit hair strip body and Chenille head. Sizes #2-#6
Fish Skull Herring Streamer Olive
Fish-Skull Herring Streamer
Price: $4.45
Fish-Skull Herring Streamer
Our best-selling herring streamer combined with a fish-skull weighted head! This combination is a sure winner. In sizes #1/0 - 4/0. This is also a good Gizzard Shad Imitation
Black and Purple GT Brush Fly
GT Brush Fly
Price: $10.00
GT Brush Fly
Brush Fly pattern specifically constructed for the challenges of fishing for Giant Trevally.
Olive Herring Streamer
Herring Streamer
Price: $4.35
Herring Streamer
The herring streamer imitation is quickly becoming a best-seller! Tied with synthetic hair, this fly is both effective and durable. 3-D prismatic eyes increase appeal. In sizes #2 - 4/0. Try this as a Gizzard Shad Imitation
Milk Fish Fly
Milk Fish Dreams
Price: $2.68
Milk Fish Dreams
Represents the algae that milk fish feed upon
Missing Link in Tan
Missing Link Bonefish Fly
Price: $2.70
Missing Link Bonefish Fly
Missing Link Bonefish fly
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