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Merrimack River Flies sells the same high quality fly tying materials that are used in tying all of our flies. We’re proud dealers of Hareline Dubbin Products, Enrico Puglisi Flies, Semperfli USA, Rainy's Premium Flies, and Montana Fly Company. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, I encourage you to download the free Hareline Dubbin app and email your order to my shop. I’ll get what you want and ship it right out to you. Nothing is easier!

Semperfli UV LIght Torch
UV Resins and curing lights for tying freshwater and saltwater flies with a durable finish. A necessity for Surf Candy and Perdigon Euro Nymph flies.
Ahrex FW551 Jig Hooks
Anglers and the waters they fish in inspire Ahrex to create the best hooks possible. Ahrex Hooks are made without compromise – designed by Scandinavian fly-fishermen for fishing all over the world. Innovative technology and the best materials available.
Flat Diamond Braid Fly Tying Material from Hareline Dubbin
We carry a wide selection of fly tying body material from the industry's best known suppliers. No cheap imitations here! We are an authorized dealer for Hareline Dubbin, Raymond Rumpf, EP Flies and Semperfli US.
Black Mono Shrimp and Crab Eyes
Eyes provide a 'target' for game fish to key on. We carry a selection of eyes for whatever fly you’re tying. Lead, Bead Chain, Mono, or 3-dimensional eyes are available at Merrimack River Flies.
Hungarian Partridge Feather Seletion
A wide selection of Fly Tying feathers from the Industry's best suppliers. Merrimack River Flies has what you need to create great looking flies.
Thread and spooled materials
Fly tying thread and spooled materials from brand named manufacturers. These are the same quality spooled materials that I use for all of my flies.
Photo of Pearl Flashabou Flash Material
We carry a wide selection of fly tying flash material from the industry's best known suppliers. No cheap imitations here!
Natural Elk Hair for Fly Tying
From body hair to bucktails. We have the best quality fly tying materials to make your fly tying creations look great. We buy our materials from the industry's best suppliers.
Slinky Fiber Group of Fly Tying Materials
Synthetic fly tying materials are become more popular every year. Synthetic fly tying materials are lightweight, versatile, and come in a variety of colors. We carry a wide range of synthetic materials from popper bodies to synthetic materials.
EP Flies Logo
EP Flies is an industry leader in Fly tying materials. EP Fibers do not absorb water, so they are lightweight and make easy to case flies. Merrimack River Flies is an authorized EP Flies Dealer.

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