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Regal Vise

Fly Tying Materials

Body Materials for Fly Tying
A selection of fly tying material for making bodies
Bead Chain Eyes
A selection of eyes for streamer flies, bonefish and permit flies.
Large Northern Bucktails
Large Northern Bucktails for fly tying
Calf Tails for Fly tying
A selection of quality calf tails for winging your flies
Krystal Flash
Flash materials for fly tying
Thingamabobber Strike Indicators
Strike indicators, stream side tools, and fly tying tools.
EP Fibers
A selection of synthetic materials used for winging streamer flies and various other purposes
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Strung Peacock Herl
Strung Peackock Herl 5-7 Long
Price: $6.50
Strung Peackock Herl 5-7 Long
Extra long, highest quality strung peacock herl for bodies or topping fishing flies. Herl is 5-7 inches long
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