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Pesca Maya Skiff

 Fishing Photos From Our Customers

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  Ascension Bay 2012             

Bonefish on the Line Andros Bonefish
Fishing Was Good with the Guides at Pesca Maya in Ascension Bay            There He Goes!! Success
Bonefish on Deck Bonefish in Andros Bonefish - Spawning Shrimp
Noah with a Bonefish on the Deck.  Notice the Spawning shrimp fly? Do you see the Bonefish on the flat? S. Albers releases another Andros Bonefish
M Ginsburg S. Andros Bonefish at Boat Side N. Ginsburg S. Andros
F. Smith in South Andros Another Bonefish on the Spawning Shrimp Fly N. Ginsburg in South Andros
Gary Grigg Tarpon Marquesas Tarpon Seasucer and Tarpon
Here's a Photo of Gary and a Marquesas Tarpon Gary's Brother and another Marquesas Tarpon Tarpon Seaducer was the Fly for the Marquesas
  Michael G in Andros   Emil w/ Yellowtail Jack Spring Steelhead

Michael G with an Andros Bonefish.  He was using a Spawning Shrimp pattern.

Emil with a yellowtail Jack

Spring Steelhead from the Salmon River in Pulaski NY.   The fish took a 'very' realistic egg sack
Anne & Nestor Emil Pompano Anne & Hat

Anne B and Nestor with a nice Pesca Maya Bonefish

Emil B with a Pompano from Pesca Maya

Anne with another bonefish!  I think that the hat brought her luck

Bill Ganoe with Steelhead Trout   Dave Hanley with RI Striper   Dave Hanley Rainbow Trout
Bill Ganoe with a Salmon River Steelhead.  He was fishing with a MMRF Zonker Streamer!

Dave Hanley with a RI striper that fell for a raghead crab on the flats.  Sight Fishing is the way to go Dave!

Here's Dave Hanley again with a Deerfield River Rainbow.
Gary & Redfish toad     Greg Babbitt with a Permit Greg Babbit

Gary Grigg and another fine Redfish.  Did you notice the Redfish Toad Fly on his rod?

Greg Babbit with his First Permit Congratulations Greg!

Greg Babbitt with a Turneffe Bonefish

Greg Babbit Striper Bill & Jacob with Big Cod Fish Gary Grigg Redfish 1 1 10

Greg Babbitt Striper from Boston Harbor

Nice Fish!

A monster 56# cod from the coast of New Hampshire using a blue & white cod teaser fly.   Anglers are Bill & Jacob Ganoe

Gary Grigg with a Louisiana Redfish taken on 'Gary's Redfish Fly.'

Kristi M Yellow Fin Orange & White Deceiver T Grindle Bull Trout
The Smile Says it all for Kristi Mahadocon at Christmas Island!

This was Kristi's favorite fly that day.

T. Grindel with a VERY nice Bull Trout

NY Salmon River Steelhead False Albacore Close Dave Hanley Race Point

NY Salmon River SteelHead in subzero weather

False Albacore Close Up

Dave Hanley at Race Point with a False Albacore.  The fly?  Dave's Albie Fly!

Tim Q with Striper Sandy Point Striper

Frank Smith Bonefish

Timothy Q with a Merrimack River Schoolie

Brian Embacher with a Sandy Point Striper

Frank Smith used a Peterson's Spawning Shimp on this fine bonefish

K Gosselin Munsungan Stream Eric Fisher Pesca Maya Pesca Maya Bone with Merkin

Ken Gosselin on Munsungan Stream in Northern Maine

Eric Fisher in Pesca Maya Mexico.  Bonefish on a SimRam fly

Pesca Maya Bone on a Del Brown's Merkin Crab Fly.  Photo by Janet Good

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